Hell Week at CrossFit Scottsdale – Challenge Yourself

Physical fitness? Check. Mental toughness? Come get some at CrossFit Scottsdale’s Hell Week starting May 6th (that’s next Monday!) through May 10th. Hell Week is a week long challenge where you will push yourself to the limits by training yourself in leadership, teamwork, mental toughness, endurance, character and discipline. Experience, not osmosis, is your greatest learning tool.

Hell Week 5 Hell Week 4

Your objective for Hell Week is to complete 10 physically and mentally challenging workouts at CrossFit Scottsdale. Your first one each day will be at the gym starting at 5am to 6am. From there, you will need to attend one more regularly scheduled class at CrossFit Scottsdale. It’s time to do something for YOURSELF. Set a goal and reach it. Hell Week will be led by coach Luke Kayyem who successfully completed the 50 hour SEALFIT Kokoro Camp. Check out his blog here.

It’s time to step up and challenge yourself!

Cost for this challenge is $55 for CrossFit Scottsdale students and $175 for non-Students. To register, please CLICK HERE. What are you going to do to change your life?

Hell Week May 2013 Flyer