Expand Your Explosive Energy


Programming for Friday, April 5, 2013

You’ve heard your coaches tell you over and over again about finding explosivity in your lifts, your running, and just about everything we do during a workout.  No doubt you have experienced the tremendous amount of power to be found in this internal reservoir of energy.  But have you mastered this energy?  Are you able to apply to everything that you do?  Are you able to access it on command?  If you answer is no to any of these questions (and frankly, even if your answer is yes) you will benefit exponentially from world record holder, Ryan Mooody’s, Explosive Seminar, held this Sunday at 9am.  There is still time to register — and your time on the workout clock will thank you.

Snatch Progression
Split Jerk

5 Rounds w/ Ascending Weight if Possible
A1. 1 Jerk + 2 Overhead Squats
A.2 30 Unbroken Double Unders or 90 Singles
3×10 Behind Neck Push Press +  Overhead Squat PVC
Rest 2 Minutes
Run or Row 4×400
Rest 1:1