It is without a doubt one of the greatest team building and student bonding classes we teach at CrossFit Scottsdale. Originally inspired by my wife, after completing the CrossFit Endurance certification in 2011. After returning home Coach Najla thought “What if we took the principals of Endurance and applied them over the course of a day”? The result is 10 minutes of work followed by 50 minutes of rest for 24 hours. The work portion was anything and everything from burpee long jumps to basketball and box jumps to skateboarding. None of the 24 hour WOD’s were repeated and nobody surrendered. We took video of each and every WOD from 6pm Friday to 6pm Saturday. A huge thank you to all of the athletes who completed this class starting with the ladies…. Coach Erin Wellendorf, Nicole Miller, Nicole James and Klubo Flingai. As for the men… Sean Nugent aka Mr. Bacon, Dustin Anderson, Bill aka BBALL Ditman, Josh Wagner and Coach Joe Atkielski. A big shout-out to the Coaches who helped out Najla, Tony, Mel and a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by to cheer us on and bring us Coffee and burritos Marc Lutz, Michelle Plunkett and Kalen Rickard also to the guys who joined us for a few hours Jeff Rifkin, Austin Groen, David Nguyen, Dan Lennon and Kari Levine. If you would like to watch any or all of the videos we took from the 24 HOUR WOD checkout this link from FACEBOOK.


24 HOUR WOD Completion.








Barbecue Bacon















Todays Programming:

A1. Back Squat x10,8,6,4,2
A2. Pullups

Life - Ring Rows (8-10 reps)
Fitness – 
Bands or Strict (6-8 reps)
Sport - Weighted (3-5 reps)
Rest 2 min each round 
then Back Squat at 2 rep weight EMOM for 10 min


B1. Prowler Push 50′
B2. Walk small lap x5

Life – sled only
Fitness – #45/25
Sport - #90/45
(For example Fitness level male would have #45 on each side for a total of #90)