Setting and Meeting Goals One Snatch at a Time


Programming for Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The goals we set and gains we make in our physical fitness translate directly into our personal lives.  Fitness requires dedication, integrity, self-acceptance, and openness to support and direction.  While we train our physical bodies at the gym, we are also training our psychologies to apply these qualities in other areas of our lives that are just as important to us.

CrossFit Scottsdale wants to help you take your physical-to-personal transformations to the next level by inviting you to our Goal Setting Seminar, next Thursday from 7 to 8:30pm.  At this seminar, business coach and President of EVŌC, Troy Henson, will show us that we always, and without fail have the capacity to meet out goals — the only variables that gets in our way is lack of focus and inconsistency in working towards what we truly want.  Troy will coach us through how to set goals that will facilitate our focus and inspire our consistency so that our goals become our reality!

Troy Henson of CrossFit Scottsdale


As for today… CrossFit Scottsdale decrees that all of our athletes’ goal is to complete 30 snatches for time.  Let’s stay focused and be consistent!

3 Position Technical Work
SNATCH 135/95 lbs
30 Reps for Time