Michelle Plunkett


My name is Michelle Plunkett. I am 35 years old and a mother of 3 boys under 8. I discovered CrossFit a few years ago. 18 months ago I was not able to do a pull-up, handstand pushup, pistol, lift heavy weight etc.  Since then I have mastered them all and pretty much everything else at Cross Fit. Every day it’s still a challenge and I look forward to trying new things.

A year ago today I did a workout called Bull. I did it with 45 pound ohs and 2 banded pull-ups in 57 mins. Today about a  year later I did it in 47 minutes. It was 400 double under’s,  100 overhead squats at 65 pounds, 100 real pull-ups no band and a 2 mile run. In September I switched over to CrossFit Scottsdale  to upgrade my training. I have always had improvement over the past 18 months but the last 6 months the improvement has totally accelerated thanks to CrossFit Scottsdale and especially Luke Kayyem.

Many women are reluctant to try CrossFit because they are afraid of getting too “big” or bulky but I am 120 pounds!
I truly love this workout and believe it has changed my life and overall fitness. No matter your age or fitness level SCF is an amazing place and will change the way you view fitness and eating.