“From push up to Podium”
Hello and welcome to one of the most exciting weeks in all of competitive fitness. The 2013 or 13.1 CrossFit Games season starts tomorrow at 5pm PST and concludes on July 28th from the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. Where the worlds FITest man and women will be crowned. What does any of this mean? That depends on who your asking and what fitness means to them. Our gym is built on 3 foundational levels. LIFE (anyone who wants to improve their own quality) FITNESS (those on the journey of exploration and connection between spirit, mind and body) SPORT (the select few who will die for reps) To those of us who treat fitness as a sport and have been training for this all year long it’s now the time to show the world how skilled we have become since last years games. To the newcomer this all might sound like calculus or Mandarin depending on what you studied in school. So I will try and break it down in layman’s terms. Every week for the next 5 weeks we will test a random workout out against 80,000 other very fit people all over the world. Your score  will rank you by 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday each week. After 5 weeks the top 45 men and top 45 women in each of the 17 regions plus the top 30 teams in each region will get an invite to compete at regional. CrossFit Scottsdale Powered by: KAYYEM FITNESS and Team #SICFIT has had a tradition of excellence with over 10 regional qualifiers and 3 teams in the past 3 CrossFit Games. This year will be no different with the Top 2 athletes coming from very different lifestyles. Austin Groen the 17 year old #Phenom out of Brophy high school and Michelle Plunkett the mom of 3 boys Austin 9, Hawk 7 and Colt 3 by way of Fort worth Texas are the top 2 overall FITest athletes in our gym. As for the rest of our team which will be made up of 3 men and 3 women with 2 alternates the field is wide open. We will have a 2 day competition following the last open workout and Friday Night Lights competition Friday April 5th. How can you get involved? Come to our 1st Team meeting this Wednesday night from 7-9pm where we will walk through the 1st workout and discuss strategies, training, and nutrition during the open. “From push up to podium” everyone started as a beginner and if you would like to learn more about how we Specialize In Competitive FITness or SICFIT and how to compete in this sport please join us tomorrow evening from 7-9pm.