Friday Night Lights – Heats Are Out!!


Just a reminder that check in for athletes is at 4:30.  Check in will close at 6pm so be here on time!

First Name Last Name CrossFit Affiliate Division
Nicki Darst East Valley CossFit Rx
Sarah Done Crossfit Mesa 1 Scaled
Angela Henderson CrossFit Surprise 1 Scaled
Mary Holt CrossFit Scottsdale 1 Scaled
Elizabeth Zapata Scottsdale Rx
Deric Andre CrossFit Scottsdale Masters
Jason Flory crossfit Scottsdale Masters
joe matto crossfit38 no 1 Scaled
Emily Barna East Valley CrossFit Rx
Bev Lackey CrossFit Scottsdale Masters
michelle plunkett Crossfit Scottsdale Rx
Leona Weinstein CrossFit Scottsdale Masters
Bree Woolley crossfit northwest tucson Rx
Mike McLinn Crossfit Scottsdale Masters
Derek Price Crossfit Preferred Masters
Dan Sparks U.S. Army Masters
Nicole Miller CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
Rebekah Flake Rx
Klubo Flingai CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
Caitlin Gilpatrick Lake Havasu Crossfit Rx
Crystal Schoss Rx
Nick Liuzzi Crossfit Scottsdale Rx
Kyle Lucena East county crossfit Rx
Jaime Hess Crossfit Northwest Tucson Rx
Michael Sheehan Rx
Eric Weightman Forever Strong Rx
Ashley McBride Urban Warfit Rx
Tanil Reed Rx
Stefannie DeLaMora CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
jessica grimm Urban WarFit Rx
Emily Livingstone Gahagan Strength Rx
Eddie Aguirre Santan Rx
beau ash Urbanwarfit Rx
Bart Bergfeld Leiftime Rx
Jay Kempton CrossFit  San Tan Rx
Nathan Weamer Strictly Business Fitness Rx
Nathan Atchison Crossfit Scottsdale Rx
Joseph Atkielski Crossfit Scottsdale Rx
Joshua Heck Individual Rx
Thomas Hoogenboom Crossfit Scottsdale Rx
David Nguyen Scottsdale Rx
Sean Nugent Crossfti Scottsdale Rx
Mike Gillis CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
Daniel Grant Crossfit Northwest Tucson Rx
Loren Howard Team SwollFit Rx
Kevin Kwan CrossFit Athlete Inside Rx
Dan Lennon CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
Marc Lutz CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
Melissa Popovich CrossFit Surf City Rx
Mark Verhamme CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
Dustin Anderson Crossfit Scottsdale Rx
Jorge Aragon SicFit Rx
Zack Barna East Valley CrossFit Rx
Seth Darst East Valley CrossFit Rx
C.J. Feller Urban Warfit Crossfit Rx
Ron McClendon CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
Kalen Rickard Crossfit Scottsdale Rx
Josh Wagner CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
Zach Robertson Crossfit Scottsdale Rx
Anthony Campo CrossFit Surf City Rx
Troy Gersema Crossfit Scottsdale Rx
Austin Groen CrossFitScottsdale Rx
Kawika Henderson CrossFit Surprise Rx
Luke Kayyem CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
Jeff Rifkin CrossFit Scottsdale Rx
will sockolov San Francisco CrossFit Rx
Gabe Swaba Rx