CrossFit Endurance

Go the Distance Stronger and Faster

For all those run-aholic, speed-bike enthusiast, and aquatic athletes out there, CrossFit Scottsdale has just the thing you have been looking for to spice up your training routine, and to give your knees a much needed break from constant mile-logging.

CrossFit Endurance, a training program with a national track record of chopping race times, challenges both seasoned and novice athletes with grueling, high intensity  interval workouts, all completed within a one hour class time and scaled for each athlete’s needs and goals.

CrossFit Endurance's Effectiveness Makes Headlines

CrossFit Endurance’s Effectiveness Makes Headlin

CrossFit Endurance training programs are designed to tax the body in a quick and explosive way, a methodology that breeds increased strength, concentrated power, unwavering speed, and the ability to sustain these game-changing feats for the entire 26.2, 13.1, 6.2, 5.1, or whatever your next big benchmark may be.

The power of the CrossFit Endurance’s program lies in the physiological effects that occur during and long after your conditioning for the day is over  — effectively multiplying the reward ratio of the time you dedicate to training. Additionally, CrossFit Endurance training days take less time and impose only a fraction of the skeletomuscular strain compared to traditional distance training. Sounds pretty good compared to the more-miles (i.e. more-time and more wear-and-tear) equals more-gain ideology!

Still looking for evidence that CrossFit Endurance can help you knock your next distance goal out of the water (or off the trail)?  Check out the successes of CrossFit Scottsdale athletes at the recent PF Chang Marathon and Half Marathon. Still questioning? Get a more intimate feel for the athlete’s experience of incorporating CrossFit Endurance into their training regimen with these testimonials from the CrossFit Endurance main site.

But for the best proof, come check out the CrossFit Scottsdale Endurance Program for yourself, this and every Saturday at 8am.  Your distance game, and your knees will thank you!

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