Whole Life Challenge starts TODAY

dynamic movement
5x push up/sit up/air squat run 200 meters 5 times
then take a 5 min break

In 10 minutes complete 800 run (around signal at Raintree and Northsite)
50 sit ups
75 air squats
100 push ups and with anytime remaining burpees

Coach Najla will be hosting a grocery store tour to Trader Joes at 11:00 am

  • Communication – Make sure the check the blog regularly. That is where we will be posting regular updates about the challenge. We will send you emails with anything that is REALLY important, but regular Challenge updates will be on the WLC Blog
  • Workout and Measurements – See the video for an explanation of the official WLC workout and measurements. Players! Remember, you will be entering your prelims workout score and measurements when you log into the website to record your first days score. If you are a member of an WLC Gym, your gym owner will review and validate your entry, so don’t leave your prelims without giving them your numbers!
  • Daily logging – Speaking of scores! The first day you will enter a daily score is Sunday. You will enter your results for Saturday in the nutrition, workout, mobilization, supplement, and lifestyle category. Scoring will be open every day from midnight to 9pm. You won’t get a chance after 9pm to enter you score, so stay present!
  • Lifestyle – Every 2 weeks, the lifestyle category will change. Your first one is Water! You can check the Lifestyle blog for more specifics, but starting on Saturday, make sure to drink 1/2 oz of water for every pound of bodyweight to earn the lifestyle category point!
  • Bonus – When you record your score, enter your reflection. This is a short, daily entry on how things are going for you so far. Good, bad, funny, ugly. Doesn’t matter! Enter it for 5 consecutive days you will earn 2 bonus points!
  • Nutrition scaling – Your profile page will launch on the site today. That is where you will have one more chance to edit your nutrition scaling for the Challenge. Do it by Monday, because after that it will be locked in for the duration of the Challenge.
  • Rules – Remember, 5 points each day for nutrition. Lose one point every time you break the rules. There will be no score lower than 0! Then Yes or No for Workout, Mobilization, Supplement, and Lifestyle. Take the same supplement that whole way through. No changing!

Good luck to everyone! Remember, if you need support, use your community! The Blog, the Forums, and your Teams! Let the people around you cause you to win!