Whole Life Challenge Pre-Game Huddle Tonight!

Whole Life Challenge Pre-Game Huddle

TONIGHT at 7:30pm!

We are SO excited for the Whole Life Challenge to be kicking off this Saturday! Who is ready to lose weight, get in shape and actually have fun while doing it? Let’s get started!

Tonight we are hosting our Pre-Game Huddle, and this is for those we are already signed up to participate, and also for those who want to get more details before they make a decision. This is what we are going to go over tonight:

  • Rules- How to Play the Game
  • Tips- On How to Be Successful
  • Prizes- How to Win each Month, and at the End!
  • The WLC Workout- (to be done the first and last day of the challenge)
  • Q&A Session- To Answer any Questions before we Begin!

If you’re signed up for the challenge and cannot make the meeting tonight, no worries, we will go over the details on Saturday with you! Also, a few housekeeping items:

1-      Be sure to Log into your Website and Create your Profile- including adding a photo and answering questions about yourself and your goals. If you have not paid, be sure to pay on your website before Friday!

2-      Check out the Rules Tab- we are going to go over them tonight, but they are on your website for reference throughout the challenge as well.

3-      Be Ready to Begin- Be sure to be at the gym this Saturday, February 16th at 9:00am sharp- we will be going over the rules one last time, taking the beginning measurements, and complete the Whole Life Challenge WOD!

We are SO excited to go on this journey with you, and watch you get stronger and leaner over the next 8 weeks! 3,2,1…let’s go!