Winter Fitness Challenge – Prelim Results!

What a great way to spend the first Saturday of 2013! We had 43 people participating in the CrossFit Scottsdale Winter Fitness Challenge, along with some friends and family here to cheer them on. There was so much energy in the gym! We even had a couple new students who hadn’t even come to a regular class yet participate. Congratulations to you all! It was a tough WOD.

So now you’ve all got a month to work on skills and general fitness. Set up a one on one with a coach to go over the skills you need help with. We will be putting these movements into WOD’s for the next month as well as posting lots of tips and tricks via the blog. This will be a good way to get ready for the CrossFit Open and Friday Night Lights!


First Last Level Gender Prelim Time Reps
Sarah Tablak Beg Female 5:07
Sariah Miller Beg Female 6:34
Cheryl Fox-Strausberg Beg Female 7:57
Jenn Lyles Beg Female 9:33
Tonya Fitzpatrick Beg Female 9:37
Gina Speirs Beg Female 9:39
Emily Miller Beg Female 9:47
Fran Beck Beg Female 10:24
Blake Tablak Beg Male 7:17
Chris Bonin Beg Male 7:54
Abhijeet Namoshi Beg Male 8:59
Billy Aiton Beg Male 9:59
Sonya Bladow Int Female 5:43
Eileen Delaney Int Female 6:53
Najla Kayyem Int Female 7:32
Shandee Larsen Int Female 9:04
Stephanie Segel Int Female 10:52
Tiffany Temple Int Female 11:34
Katie Hunt Int Female 12:00 135
Bill Dittman Int Male 5:52
Michael Fischer Int Male 7:13
Jeff Schwartz Int Male 7:19
Max Hunt Int Male 8:14
Johnny Grenz Int Male 8:34
Bob Vosoghi Int Male 8:47
Matt Bucko Int Male 9:19
Anthony Spencer Int Male 9:52
Bruce Lundquist Int Male 12:00 134
Graham Montgomery Int Male
Kory Leadon Int Male
Stu Selden Int Male
Klubo Flingai Rx Female 7:04
Hallie Flood Rx Female 9:06
Jeff Rifkin Rx Male 6:03
Chris Cannon Rx Male 6:05
Luke Kayyem Rx Male 6:12
Logan Smith Rx Male 6:14
Tony Swann Rx Male 6:18
Dustin Anderson Rx Male 6:55
Joe Atkielski Rx Male 7:02
Don Wong Rx Male 7:06
Nathan Atchison Rx Male 7:53
Frank Moskowitz Rx Male 8:44
Josh Vella Rx Male 9:00
Kalen Rickard Rx Male 9:38
Mike McLinn Rx Male 10:00