Jumping rope is a skill that will assist in all training aspects and overall athletic ability.

1000 row
5 min jump rope

double under (two rotations of the rope, one jump)

press clusters 3.3.3×3

21 (unbroken) double/single jump ropes
11 push press #115/85
5xRFT (rounds for time)


Jumping rope is an effective and readily accessible cardiovascular exercise. Performed at a slow to moderate pace, jumping rope develops aerobic fitness, while fast jump rope can improve anaerobic fitness. Anaerobic activity requires brief spurts of high intensity activity. Once you have mastered more basic jump rope techniques, such as two-footed jumping, running on the spot and high-knee lifts, the next logical skill to master is the double-under. A double-under involves turning the rope twice in a single jump. A single double-under can help break up a long jump rope session while a series of double-unders really intensifies your jump rope workout.