Top 10 Things Every CrossFitter Needs: A Guide to Holiday Shopping for Your Favorite CrossFitter at CrossFit Scottsdale

…and in no particular order

10. Olympic Lifting Socks
Whether it’s rope climbing or dead lifting, those shins need protection! A pair of CrossFit Scottsdale lifting socks will ensure your CrossFitter keeps those legs sexy and scar free. Shop Online!

9. Protein
To keep your CrossFitter strong, they need to get protein within 30 minutes of their workout. With a bag of Stronger Faster Healthier’s Pure or Recovery protein in their bag, they will be sure to stay on top of their nutrition. Shop Online!

8. Blender Bottle
So now that your CrossFitter has the protein they need to nourish their body, they need something to drink it out of! The Blender Bottle is the ULTIMATE tool. A convenient and thorough way to mix their protein or pre/post workout drinks. Shop Online!

7. Fish Oil
Keep your CrossFitter feeling good and give them a stronger heart by making sure they have a bottle or 2 of liquid fish oil around! Shop Online!

6. A comfy hoodie
It’s getting chilly outside, and after your favorite CrossFitter gets done working out and is all sweaty, that cold air will give them the chills! Make sure they stay warm with one of our new winter hoodies! Shop online!

5. Wrist Wraps
Protect your CrossFitters wrists with some Gym Rat Wrist Wraps. Whether it’s handstands, cleans or front squats, they will be sure to keep their wrists safe and strong. Shop Online!

4. A Gift Card for Fitness
Give the gift of fitness by paying for a month for your favorite CrossFitter at CrossFit Scottsdale, or introduce a friend or family member to CrossFit! Shop Online!

3. Reebok Olympic Lifting Shoes
Gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and OLYMPIC weight lifting. Those are the three main components that make up CrossFit. Each element is so important that they each have their own set of tools to make the athlete more proficient. A pair of Olympic lifting shoes from Reebok is the perfect gift to ensure that your CrossFitter hits their next PR! Shop Online!

2. CrossFit Scottsdale SWAG
Ask any CrossFitter how sacred their shirts and tanks are from their home gym, and they will tell you they will immediately tell you how many they own, and how it’s all they wear! It is the same at CrossFit Scottsdale, and probably moreso considering our shirts have gone global in popularity! Make sure your CrossFitter is up-to-date with the latest in CrossFit Scottsdale t-shirts and tanks. Shop Online!

1. Reebok Nanos
The Reebok Nano has been, hands down, the most popular CrossFit shoe of its kind. So popular that Reebok can barely keep them in stock! Have no fear, CrossFit Scottsdale has them on hand in various colors and sizes for both men and women. This lightweight and durable shoe will probably be the most important piece of CrossFit equipment they own. Shop Online!