Athlete of the Month Dale Bracco

This month the team has nominated a fairly new athlete to the list of athlete(s) of the Month. I would like to congratulate Dale Bracco for understanding how important health and fitness are and for
“Showing up and Not Quitting”


I am working hard for a number of reasons. I will be 45 next year and I’m starting to see friends pass away, get sick or just start falling apart. I want to try and hold those types of things off as long as possible. Another reason would a quote from one of my sports hero’s. Steve Prefontaine once said “to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”. If you and the other coaches are willing to work with me, I’ll give you the best I got. I grew up in Chicago and moved to Arizona in 1996. I currently work for MSC Industrial Supply. I supply all types of businesses with their industrial needs I’ve been in industrial distribution for 23 years. Since I started CrossFit Scottsdale, my new favorite food is bacon wrapped sweet potatoes.