Adi Yoga Workshop- January 25th!

If you are an adult –even if you are a physically active CrossFitter- chances are that somehow over the course of your life your body has started to harden up leaving you with tight muscles and restricted joint mobility. Adi-Yoga can be tremendously beneficial to people like you because it directly leads to improved mobility, balance, and mental connection to your body, all of which are needed both to perform well and to live a good life. AD will share the amazing benefits of yoga practice with you by introducing you to the system of Adi-Yoga in a special 2-hour workshop on January 25th from 6-8pm at CrossFit Scottsdale. No previous experience with yoga is necessary, all are welcome. RSVP today by emailing or by signing up at the gym.

The Benefits of Adi-Yoga

◦   Physical health – including but not limited to: increased immunity, digestion and vitality; decreased blood pressure and tension; alleviation of chronic aches and pains, arthritis and complications from old injuries; regulation of circulatory system, endocrine system, nervous system; enhanced heart health, etc.

◦   Mental and emotional wellbeing – an overall sense of contentment, happiness and purpose; decrease in stress and anxiety; enhanced memory and intelligence; increased sense of alertness and focus; a relaxed, open and spacious mind and overall feeling.

◦   Increased sensitivity and awareness, especially in regard to subtle energies such as prana, nadi, bindu and cakra.

◦   An authentic, conscious embodiment practice like Adi-Yoga is the most expedient means for clearing negative habits of body, speech, and mind (just trying to “think positive” isn’t enough to change your limiting patterns)

◦   Conscious physical practice is a foundational means for integrating the state of one’s Essence/Presence with everyday activity.

About Lauren:

Lauren “AD” Hovey has been passionate about athletics, health, and fitness her whole life. She played numerous competitive sports while growing up and began practicing yoga eleven years ago as a way to balance and improve her athletic performance. After graduating from UC-Berkeley, AD moved to Thailand to live and train at Kailash Akhara Retreat Center – the International Headquarters for the Adi-Yoga system- where she has been deepening her understanding and experience of yoga ever since.  She has taught yoga in Thailand for more than 4 years and would like to share the amazing fruits of yoga practice with you at CrossFit Scottsdale.