“It was only one night but it felt like a lifetime”
Remember sleepovers at the Boys and Girls club? When you would stay up all night, play basketball and watch movies in the gymnasium. This was absolutely nothing like that. The name “HELL NIGHT” implying that we would be going through hell for one night was an understatement. After the check in and roll call was complete each athlete was given a Color, a number, a city and a name (all hall of fame basketball players) throughout the evening they were tested on anyone of these and if they chose wrong they would be given a penalty. I double checked the emergency contact list written on the dry erase board to surprisingly see my name and phone # for 4 different athletes. Looking back on it I probably should have had my own. We started with 12 total, 6 from CrossFit Scottsdale and 6 from CrossFit Preferred led by former NFL tight end Derek Price. My brother 11 year Air Force veteran Jade Mcleod flew in from Sacramento to lead the all-nighter and students Tony, Keith and Jason made the journey complete by giving encouragement and assisting with each separate exercise. Athletes included two 17 year old, four U.S contracted Cadettes, 1 women YAAAY Klubo!!!, 3 SEALFIT graduates and a couple CEO’s.

1800 General Physical Preparedness
1900 Get wet and run
2000 Hero workout “Dougherty” 30 clean and jerks + 1 mile run + 10 rope climbs + 1 mile run + 100 burpees
2100 Dinner and “why are you here”?
2200 Obstacle course 20 meter run + wall climb + sand bag run + sled push #225 20 meter + tire flip + sled drag #135 20 meter + sand bag run
2300 Log carry
2400 Hero workout “BULL” 800m plate run 50 plate burpee 50 walking OH Lunges 50 plate thrusters 50 walking OH Lunges 50 plate Burpees 800 M run with plate all with a #45 plate
0100 Change, pack, prepare
0200 Swim like a fish
0300 Run back to the gym 3 miles
0400 Clean the gym 0500 Stretch
0600 Graduation

It is hard to tell this story from behind the scenes so I will let each athlete share their own personal experiences of the evening and post to comments below.

Honor Man- Jorge
“Bull” award of Courage and Commitment  Klubo