“HELL NIGHT” 12 hour physical training course

On Friday October 26th CrossFit Scottsdale will become the official training grounds for “HELL NIGHT” a 12 hour physical training course that will be led by Jade Mc Leod an E-6 in the USAF currently cross training into TAC-P (JTAC) who has been in the AF for almost 11 years and just recently graduated the 06-12 Ranger class. He will also will be an RI this coming November Pre Ranger class held at Creech AFB Las Vegas. United States Marine Matt Belmont  and non military coaches Luke Kayyem KOKORO 16 and Keith Robinson KOKORO 20.

The course will start promptly at 1800 hours with phase 1. Screening and phase 2. Assessment. The minimum physical requirements are at least 42 push-ups in 2 minutes, at least 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes, at least 6 pull-ups from a dead hang (no time limit), run 1.5 mi (2.4 km) in boots and cammys in under 11:30. The course will take many different shapes, directions, locations and elements. Athletes will need to bring enough gear, food, and change of clothes for multiple weather and altitude changes. We will have a medic and EMT on site all night. This course is open to all ages over 18 years of age. *17 with parents permission, release of liability and invite only. Completion and graduation of “HELL NIGHT” is not guaranteed it is earned. The course is $100 for CFS athletes $125 for non members. For more info email Luke@crossFitScottsdale.com

Recommended reading books
Unbeatable Mind, by Mark Divine
The Soul of Leadership, by Deepak Chopra
Lone Survivor, by Marcus Luttrell

Recommended gear
Black CrossFit Scottsdale classic 2x
Cammys 2x
Hoody sweater
Running shorts 2x
Running shoes 2x
Underoos 3x
Socks 3x
SFH recovery protein/shaker
Water bottle that holds at least 32 oz of water
Swimming shorts 1x
Swimming goggles 1x
Towel 2x
Sweats or warm clothes for comfortably resting





Officer Jade McLeod United States Air Force 2002
Trained and graduated Army ranger School 2012