Flexibility & Stretching Workshop

Flexibility & Stretching Workshop

Saturday October 13 (1-3pm)

Better Flexibility = Better CrossFit

Are you still using stretches you learned in high school?  Are you spending more time than you should be stretching – 20-30 minutes?  Have you failed to notice significant changes in flexibility as a result of stretching?  If the answer is YES, you need to re-think how you are stretching for CrossFit – you need to learn how to, “Stretch to Win”.  This workshop will cover the “Stretch to Win” system of stretching, teach you how and where to stretch, and includes a copy of the “Stretch to Win” book.

Why is Flexibility Important?

  • Crucial to a good Front Rack Position
  • Required for Overhead Movements
  • Allows you to get into the Bottom of the Squat
  • Efficiency with Running, Jumping, Rowing, and Squatting
  • Injury Prevention & Quicker Recovery

Workshop Details

  • Learn ‘How, When, Why, & Where’ to Stretch
  • Learn the ‘Core-Four’ pre-workout stretches
  • Learn how to assess your flexibility and develop a ‘Personal Flexibility Plan’
  • Learn how to mobilize the squat
  • Learn how you can ‘PR’ in your workouts by improving your flexibility

Special Bonus

Workshop Participants

  • Receive a copy of the Stretch to Win book
  • Have access to stretching videos
  • Receive a ½-hr session of self-stretching instruction ($75 value)
  • Two participants will win a hour of Fascial Stretch Therapy™ ($150 value)
  • Are eligible for a special offer on assisted stretching
  • Receive a handout on how to utilize the Stretch to Win book

Pricing: $40 CrossFit Scottsdale Members – $50 Non-Members

Number of participants is limited to the first 15 people to register