Athlete of the Month A.K.A “Mommy Makeover”

This month we congratulate a CrossFit Scottsdale veteran who after a year and a half of just going “through the motions” and “taking classes” decided to take a stand and get after it! A truly amazing wife and mother of 3 Day decided it was time for a mommy make over. After meeting with Coach Najla they developed a plan to get the pre baby bikini body back by the end of summer. With a winning combination of  classes and personal training from coaches Jen and Erin Day worked 6 days a week and followed a strict Paleo diet. Starting with a grocery store tour to Trader Joes she followed the NO NO principals. NO CHEAT DAYS. NO CHEAT MEALS for 45 days straight.  The results….. speak for themselves. Thank you for inspiring one of the most important demographics we have. MOMS!!!