Are You Ready for 12 Hours Of Hell?

Friday, October 26th 6pm- Saturday October 27th 6am

Are you ready to build your toughness, and push your mental and physical abilities to a whole new level? Be prepared for one of the toughest tests you will ever encounter. 12 hours of Hell is designed to test your heart and soul, to push your limitations passed your comfort zone and get your body prepared for the ultimate tests in life.

In these 12 hours, you will be pushed in rowing, running, lifting, hiking, swimming, and your overall mental strength. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are at, just be prepared to show up, don’t quit, and push your capabilities. Graduation is not guaranteed, it’s earned.

The cost is $100 for the 12 hours, but the results will help you for a lifetime. Are you in? Sign up at the gym today or email