Level 1 Test at CrossFit Scottsdale

Congrats to our newest Level 1 athletes at CrossFit Scottsdale, Day and Dan!!

Day has been an inspiration at CrossFit Scottsdale and has been transforming her body doing a 6 week “Mommy Make Over” that included CrossFit classes, personal training and regular body fat scans! Her results have been outstanding and she proved it by successfully completing her level 1 test with the help of her awesome hubby by her side!

Dan is a Ssgt in the United States Air Force and is currently serving at Luke Air Force Base. He has been dedicated to his training here at CrossFit Scottsdale and came in to take his level 1 test before he had to drive all the way back to base to start work. Truly dedicated to his fitness and to his country!

The level 1 test is a test of our fitness. It shows us our strengths and our weakness, but our weaknesses should only be looked at as the next goal to conquer and never as something that defeats us.

To everyone who came out, keep up the amazing work! You have already come such a long way and as coaches, we are so excited to see where this will take you!

-Coach Hallie