The New CrossFit Scottsdale Level II students (Orange band)

The Level II Test at CrossFit Scottsdale is designed to push the most seasoned athlete and Cross Fitter with each separate piece showcasing different parts of real fitness and highlight any holes or gaps in our training program. This month was our largest group to date with 12 athletes attempting the test and 8  passing it providing a 66% passing rate and slightly lower than the Level I. With a majority of our athletes training for 8-12 months before attempting it a few came in fresh off the press and have passed for the 1st time within months. Tonight the room was full of energy and the intensity was higher than normal. With a group of all men one lady stood out… Jill owner of  Health Ease and newest female competitor thought she was “taking class” and ended up passing. Congratulations to her and all of our inspiring students, as always thank you to all of our volunteers and judges. Next week Sep 6th @ 7pm we will be testing all Level I students. “SHOW UP, DON’T QUIT”

Part 1
2 Mile Run & 50 pull ups in under 20 Min – MEN
2 Mile Run & 25 Pull Ups in under 25 Min – Women

Part 2
10 Body Weight Clean & Jerks and 10 3/4 Body Weight Overhead Squats in under 10 Min – MEN
10 3/4 Body Weight Clean & Jerks and 10 1/2 Body Weight Overhead Squats in under 12 Min – WOMEN

Part 3
50 Burpees in under 4 Min – MEN & WOMEN


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