The End is Coming – Summer Body Rx Challenge

We are coming to the end of our Summer Body Rx Challenge. Congratulations on all your hard work so far! We have seen some amazing results from people already. We want to encourage all of you after the challenge is over to keep up the Paleo lifestyle. Keep it the front of your mind the results that you have see these last 30 days. Sure you can have a dessert or a drink now and again without worrying about losing your points, but don’t go off the deep end and commit “paleo suicide.” Keep the majority of your meals healthy, whole foods that are the most efficient and effective for fueling your body. And keep coming back to class!!

A few last minute instructions and reminders… Your last bonus point is to have a meal or at least a sit down with your accountability partner so check in with them this week. Monday we will be doing the Fight Gone Bad workout in all the classes so be in class to see how much you have improved. Coaches will have your original score sheets so pick them up before your workout. Also, pleaseĀ  have all of your food journal and bonus points on the score sheet by Monday. Final body fat scans are scheduled for Thursday and Saturday so please make sure you are on the schedule. Final measurements will also be taken on Monday before or after class for those of you not scheduled for a body fat scan.

Monday evening at 7pm we will be having a Paleo pot-luck at the gym to celebrateĀ  your accomplishments and to announce the winners. We hope to see you all there!!