“Success Unshared is Failure”

Dear CrossFit Scottsdale:

Your life’s been changed, now change someone else’s…
Are you searching for a better quality of life? Has CrossFit Scottsdale influenced and changed your lifestyle? Has it inspired you to become a better person and do bigger things? Are you sick and tired of sitting at a desk for 8 hours counting the minutes until you get to CrossFit Scottsdale?

As our student body has grown, so has its knowledge and experience. While our  fitness training program delivers the goods as far as developing athletes and fire breathers it does not address those that want to grow as mentors, coaches, ambassadors or business associates or partners of the program.

Some of you are ready to take it to the next level. Many of you have expressed an interest in learning more about CrossFit, how to become a Coach or how you can work here. Those of you that have already attended a CrossFit Level 1 Certification – great! … that was the first step.  But after returning from that, what is next? How do you continue to grow and develop beyond being just an athlete – so that you are someone who is knowledgeable and capable of teaching a great CrossFit class?

We know that there are at least a few of you who are interested in teaching, without having to quit your job, or change careers to do so.  This program was designed to address both – the person who is looking for a career change, and the person who just wants to learn more, share it with others, and teach a kick-ass class.

If you are interested, please join us at the gym on Monday, August, 6th at 7:00pm for the first Instructor Training Class. The instructor training program will meet weekly at 7:00pm on Monday evenings. Please send an email to info@CrossFitScottsdale.com if you’ll be there and if you are interested in the program, so that we know to expect you.

We’re looking forward to taking this next step with so many of you.  It’s going to be fun, exciting, and the next phase of our growth here at CrossFit Scottsdale.

“Success Unshared is Failure” Over the past 3 years CrossFit Scottsdale has been the prime destination for the CrossFit.com Coaches Level I Certification in Arizona hosting 8 and giving over 35 scholarship spots out. We have been the inspiration behind countless Coaches and Affiliates making they’re dream a reality. We would like to thank all those we have given scholarship spots to over the years and those that have started their fitness careers at CrossFit Scottsdale. As the leader in the industry just passing your level I test is not enough to Coach on our team. That is why we designed the Instructor Training Program and have opened it up to everyone in the world. If you want to be the best you gotta learn from the best.

CrossFit Coaches Certification Scholarship spots 2010- Present

CrossFit Scottsdale Coaches Chris/Jen/Mel/Hallie/Tyler/Ashley/Erin/Jeff/Danielle
Students Noah/Klubo/Josh/Matt/Jay/Mike/Hakim/
Jedis Al-Mikel/Drew/Logan
Amber & Jade McLeod CrossFit Solano
Chris & Maribel LaLanne Fitness
Brian & Katie Kunitzer CrossFit Magna
Kavika & Sabrina CrossFit Lahaina
Brian Gubernick CrossFit 480
Anthony Nacinovich CrossFit Lake Washington
Sherri Berringer Luke Air Force Base
Peter Egyed CrossFit Fury
Amy Walsh
Skip Divelbiss
Erin Harkey

In good health Luke & Najla Kayyem
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