Networking Mixer at CrossFit Scottsdale

Fellow Students,

Have you heard of CrossFit Scottsdale Connections? Well, why haven’t you signed up to be part of this yet? If you own a business, or are part of a business that wants to grow, then listen up!

CrossFit Scottsdale is excited to announce that we are taking CrossFit Scottsdale Connections to a whole new level! EVERY student now has an opportunity to be part of Connections, FOR FREE, and our first bi-annual mixer is only a few weeks away.

The Bi-Annual Breakfast Mixers will be at CrossFit Scottsdale, allowing for face-to-face interaction and communication amongst the professionals at CrossFit Scottsdale. This mixer will provide you with a catered breakfast, and a great place to meet more people to grow your business! This is your time to network professionally with like-minded trusted individuals. Did we mention it is FREE? Why wouldn’t you attend!

The first Breakfast Mixer will be held on Friday, August 10th from 7am to 9am.

Have you RSVPed yet? Be sure to RSVP today to .

Below is a highlight from one of the Connections Members and CrossFitter at CrossFit Scottsdale. He is also the host of the goal seminar coming up on Wednesday, August 1st at 7pm. Do you want your company highlighted? Sign up today!


When Troy started CrossFit:

Started in June of 2011

Who is Troy?

            Troy is the president of EVŌC a coaching company focused on helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals effectively manage the growth of their business. Since 2000 Troy has been effectively coaching these business owners and professionals to overcome the fear, anxiety, frustration, and growth challenges of business and produce game changing results.

Why did Troy join CrossFit?

Coming from a background in sports as ranked junior tennis player in the Pacific Northwest, a Professional Tennis Instructor for 9 years, and competing at the collegiate level in 3 Event Tournament Water Skiing for four years, the habit of fitness training has always been a necessity of Troy’s life.

What is EVŌC and how can it help me?

At EVŌC we are committed to helping business owners reconnect their passion with their work and make the changes necessary to transition from the survival mode into momentum and on to excellence. We provide support, training, strategy, and partnership to help initiate key changes and develop the structure to drive to each new stage.

As a Crossfit Scottsdale student, if you are also an entrepreneur, small business owner, or professional schedule a complimentary strategy evaluation session with Troy to review your business growth strategy and ensure that you are dialed in to make significant growth with your business over the next 6-12 months.

Troy can be reached by email or by phone 602-300-9301, or feel free to pull him aside at the gym. Troy always love to talk to motivated people about the success of their business.