Level I Test “White Band” Tonight!

Come test your fitness skills at the Level I Test tonight: Thursday, July 19th at 7pm at CrossFit Scottsdale. This test is for designed for students to test their level of fitness in 10 different exercises. Are you ready for the test?

CrossFit Scottsdale Level Testing plays an important role for both new members just beginning a workout program and elite competitors as well. First of all, level testing allows us to set a goal and strive for it. We find that focusing on a goal and the steps required to reach it is far more effective then working out aimlessly. Secondly, level testing allows us to set a foundation. By doing level testing we are able to uncover areas of weakness that we have and work to make them our strengths, something that we all need to do in order to be well rounded.

Will you be part of the next Level I Test Graduates? Come find out tonight!