Goal Seminar at CrossFit Scottsdale

Goal Setting Seminar August 1st 7-9 pm

FREE for all Students!

Goal setting is not something that you say, “oh yeah, I should do that.” It is the driving force behind everything you do. Why would you do something without a goal? Why would you come to CrossFit without goals? I’ll tell you why, because you don’t really care about the outcome! If you truly cared about producing results…well then you’d have a goal right there wouldn’t you.

Let’s turn goal setting into a whole new way of living life as a CrossFit athlete. Let’s actually determine why it is we come to CrossFit, why we push ourselves until will fall on the floor gasping for air, why we endure days upon days of sore muscles just to come back tomorrow and do it all over again.

This goal setting seminar is not about setting a goal that is written somewhere in your journal that you may look at occasionally and mutter to yourself, “Oh yeah, that. I should do something about that.” This is about declaring the future that you WILL HAVE, that you WILL EXPERIENCE, and that you will be more than stoked on the day of your success that you jump into the air screaming with joy because you’ve just CHANGED YOUR LIFE …FOREVER!!

Success tastes so much sweeter when shared with friends and team mates!!

Sign up today at the gym or email info@CrossFitScottsdale.com to reserve your spot!

“Success unshared is failure.”- Luke Kayyem Facebook post Monday July 23 2012.