Better Flexibility = Better CrossFit

Stretching & Flexibility Workshop

08/04/12 Saturday 12:00-1:00pm

Better Flexibility = Better CrossFit

Are you still using stretches you learned in high school?  Are you spending more time than you should be stretching – 20-30 minutes?  Have you failed to notice significant changes in flexibility as a result of stretching?  If the answer is YES, you need to re-think how you are stretching for CrossFit – you need to learn how to, “Stretch to Win”.  This workshop will cover the “Stretch to Win” system of stretching, teach you how and where to stretch, and includes a copy of the “Stretch to Win” book.

Why is Flexibility Important?

Crucial to a good Front Rack Position

Required for Overhead Movements

Allows you to get into the Bottom of the Squat

Efficiency with  Running, Jumping, Rowing, and Squatting

Injury Prevention

Quicker Recovery


In my CrossFit Journal Article, “Moving Beyond Muscle” I explained that CrossFitters need more than just muscle-based soft-tissue therapies.

 Let me share a Secret with you: “Fascia (connective tissue) is the most prevalent tissue in the body – Yet it is the least understood by your doctor, therapist, and trainer.


“Only a therapy that addresses your body’s Fascia, ensures long-term physical freedom. Inflexibility and pain are symptoms of poor skeletal alignment. By working with the connective tissue, the health and function of your entire body is addressed, not just the muscles, bones, or joints.”

Stretch to Win and Fascial Stretch Therapy™

Chris and Ann Fredericks have designed a system of stretching based on the latest research and their years of experience working with elite level athletes from all over the world.  The workshop will teach you the major stretches from their book, “Stretch to Win”.

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (the assisted stretching version of system) is available at CrossFit Scottsdale in 15-minute time-slots pre-post workout for members.   Paid one-hour sessions are also available for members and non-members.

Workshop Details

Learn the ‘Core-Four’ pre-workout stretches

Arm & shoulder series

Mobility warm-up

Hip flexor & low-back series

Where to stretch

How to stretch

Why & when to stretch

Improve your overhead mobility for the Level 2 Test

Special Bonus

Workshop Participants

Receive a copy of the Stretch to Win book (must pre-register)

Are entered into a drawing for a free hour of Fascial Stretch Therapy™ ($150 value)

Have access to a recording of the workshop

Are eligible for a one-time special offer

Pricing: $30 CrossFit Scottsdale Members – $45 Non-Members

Number of participants is limited

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