“Stretch to Win” Available at CrossFit Scottsdale

 The “Stretch to Win” book by Ann and Chris Frerdericks is now for sale at CrossFit Scottsdale. This book on self-stretching and flexibility from the creators of the Stretch to Win system and Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is the best book ever written on stretching – period.

As mentioned in Kevin J. Kula’s CrossFit Journal article, “Moving Beyond Muscle“, Fascial Stretch Therapy™ or FST™ for short is a fascially-based method of stretching that lengthens the connective tissue while tractioning the joint capsule. Research shows that 47% of flexibility potential is in the joint capsule itself. What this means is that the right stretching will not only be more effective, but will require less time.

The Stretch to Win system is based around the ‘core-four‘ stretches for the lower body – the hip flexors, gluts, ql, and lats. Stretching these four areas pre-workout is essential for CrossFitters. Tight hip flexors can inhibit the gluts, and as Greg Glassman has pointed out that all athletic movement requires powerful hip extension. So by stretching your hip flexors you are increasing the ability of the gluts to perform, increasing your work capacity. The psoas (major hip-flexor) is attached through the connective tissue to the diaphragm so hip flexor restrictions affect breathing, putting you at a disadvantage even before you workout.

Ten Principles of the Stretch to Win System

• Synchronize your breathing with your movement. • Tune your nervous system to current conditions. • Follow a logical anatomical order. • Make gains in your range of motion without pain. • Stretch the fascia, not just the muscle. • Use multiple planes of movement. • Target the entire joint. • Use traction for maximal lengthening. • Facilitate body reflexes for optimal results. • Adjust your stretching to your present goals.

Kevin will be giving personal instruction, in-house, on the stretches in the book to help you transform your flexibility. Pickup a copy today and start utilizing the ‘core-four’ stretches at home. The pre-workout sign-up sheet is out in the gym, Kevin will help you with your at home stretching and stretch you out pre-workout, take advantage now.

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