Run Right… Scottsdale Endurance

The way you run affects your health and speed. Barefoot runners use a technique called “forefoot running” which creates a spring-like motion by landing on the ball of your food rather than the heel. Harvard research shows that landing on the heel stretches your arches, thus resulting in less forwardly propelled energy. Making the transition may seem like quite a step once actually applied, so it is recommended that you take the proper precautions. Take it slow… jogging in place and making sure you have the proper shoes is key. Let CrossFit Scottsdale’s Endurance coaches show you the way to “Run Right”. Our program revolves around endurance sports training dedicated to improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential.

Endurance classes are typically structured similar to our CrossFit Scottsdale classes with a warm up, skill and workout to which we incorporate drills and direct body movements needed to improve each athlete’s efficiency in running, rowing and/or plyometrics.  Each workout is centered around reaching the oxidative state, focusing on the techniques of breathing, stride, form and mental goal setting, lasting between 15 and 50 minutes.

Scottsdale Endurance meets every Wednesday morning at 5am and Saturday mornings at 8am.  Wednesday mornings focus on technique and the art of running and rowing combined with CrossFit movements; while Saturdays are typically longer WODs incorporating that week’s skill.  Whether your  goal is to run a marathon, triathlon, improve your  Murph time or perfect your running and breathing techniques, Scottsdale Endurance will work directly with you to achieve these goals, while making  you a stronger and more efficient athlete.