Fitness Testing in Scottsdale

Come test your fitness progress at CrossFit Scottsdale. This Thursday at 6pm we will be holding our Level II – Orange Band fitness test. If you have already earned your white Level I band don’t miss this next step. Today in class we will be prepping for the Thursday test to give everyone a little taste.

Warm Up
Dynamic Drills
PVC Overhead Squat
Clean & Jerk movement review
Max Burpees in 2 min

Workout of the Day 
Part 1
1 Mile Run or 1600 Meter Row


5 sets of 5 Pull Ups (Men)
3 sets of 5 Pull Ups (Women)
must string 5 together – scale appropriately

Part 2
10 minutes to complete as many Overhead Squats as possible
3/4 BW (men) & 1/2 BW (women)


10 minutes to complete as may Clean & Jerks as possible
Body Weight (men)  & 3/4 BW (women)