“I want to FRAN myself like an animal”

“My Crossfit Scottsdale Journey”

One year ago, I weighed 209# in the morning and about 213# at night. Don’t ask why I weigh myself twice a day, I just do.  At that time I was a new father to a beautiful girl Audrina Reese Rotan and a loving husband to my beautiful and talented wife Heather Rotan.  “I love you both”.  Then it happened on May 22nd I walked into CrossFit Scottsdale for a scheduled baseline not having a clue of what to expect, halfway through the gym doors I was greeted by a tatted up buff guy who introduced himself as Coach Luke.  He asked me to complete some forms and then proceeded to show me around the place. He asked questions about my fitness level and showed me the high priced equipment everyone was using to get fit. “Okay”. He also talked about taking down some ‘globo gyms’ but I had no clue what he was saying, I wasn’t paying any attention I was still trying to figure out how the f$#% my wife talked me into this shit. After that he asked me to warm up with one of his students by going for a 400 meter run. When I returned we got right into reviewing what the baseline consisted of:  500 meter row, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push-ups and 10 pull ups. Just so everyone knows, I had no history of ever working out. I paid a lot of memberships just really never did any time. As I started the row I could hear coach behind me saying keep it under some “number” and “lets go”, about 250 meters in I was thinking I’m never going to make this I’m already gassed out but some how I finished the row and moved into the air squats, holy crap those suck and then the sit ups, holy crap those suck more, and then the 20 push ups, holy crap those suck even more and then the final 10 pull ups, holy crap those suck balls and then “BAM” it was all over, along with the rest of my day. I turned in an outstanding time of 12:08, probably one of the worst in CrossFit Scottsdale history. I still ask people “hey what did you get on your baseline” just to see if I did better then them. Nope none higher. Bunch of liars out there. After the baseline I laid on the ground for about a half hour trying to figure out where my life was going to end. Coach got me some sugar water and then I proceeded to get up and try to make my way to his office. On the way there still woozy and wobbly he said your name is on a puke bucket out back if you need it.  Believing him I headed that way, he quickly stopped me and said, no the restrooms right there make sure you clean up afterwards. I spent a good 15 minutes puking my guts out before getting to his office. He started reviewing the different memberships and pricing options. Again not paying attention. My mind and body were in survival mode and I needed to get the hell out of there and home before death. I told coach I got to go but I will be back to sign up. I’m sure in his mind he was thinking this pus$% I wont see him again.  I sat outside in the car for another 30 minutes before driving home. Thank god the baseline was mid day I probably struck multiple curbs and who knows what else on the way home. However, I do remember walking through my front door to my wife and her looking at me like she had seen a ghost. I headed to the master bath where I spent several more hours laying on the floor while my wife made fun of me. Lasted pretty much the entire day.

The very next day I went to work, It started out like most and quickly turned into the rest, very stressful. I then began thinking about CrossFit and how it affected me the day before. I was able to push my body and mind to a place where I was not able to think about my day-to-day worries and that’s when I made the decision to go back and get signed up. I didn’t join CrossFit because I wanted to be fit I joined because I wanted to go one hour a day where the only thing I could possibly think of is completing the WOD (workout of the day).  To date when I walk into Crossfit Scottsdale I have never thought about what I had to do at work or what stresses may be awaiting me in my personal life.

My major accomplishment at CrossFit Scottsdale over the that last year include completing my first WOD on May 24th 2011, since then I have completed a 4.2 mile Mad Mud Run thanks to the help of Coach Jenn D or better known to fellow students as “The Finisher”.  Thanks for getting us booed because you didn’t want to get muddy at the end. LoL. I have competed in 1 Paleo challenge where I took second place only loosing to the “mayor” of CrossFit Scottsdale Bob Hisle. What a shark.  He still owes me a beer.  My personal records or “PR’s” include 285# deadlift, 170# clean and jerk, 205# back squat, 120# snatch, baseline of 4:44 and a mile time of 7:46.  Recently I participated in Hell Week IV and successfully passed with the rest of the warriors and completed the Pat Tillman run with my wife.  I have passed the level I test and will attempt for the second time the level II on June 21st hopefully putting in a much better performance.  Oh yeah I almost forgot I lost 50 pounds and currently weigh 163# in the morning and 165.5# at night.  Again don’t ask why.

I would like to thank everyone who has played a key role in the transformation of Richard Scott Rotan and the friends I have met through CrossFit Scottsdale who continue to support and push me through every WOD.  A big thank you to Coach Luke and Najla for providing a facility that achieves amazing results and provides the opportunity for people to change there lives. To all the coaches who have been apart of my transformation present and past I thank you and please continue to do what you do because you impact lives for the better. When considering your workout box I highly recommend one place and that is Crossfit Scottsdale.

I’m sad to say but my wife and I will be relocating in the month of August to Vegas baby. No I’m not becoming a stripper with this new body. My wife and I are starting a new chapter in our life. We will be sad to leave behind such and amazing place.  I will never forget what this place has done for me and my family and I will continue to live the lifestyle that has been instilled in me by my CrossFit Scottsdale coaches and fellow crossfitters. Again thank you all and hopefully we will WOD again.

All I can say is “ I Wanna Fran myself like an animal”.

Rich Rotan WOD: “Game Changer” For Time.

Get Married September 2009

Quit smoking March 2010

Move to Scottsdale June 2010

Have a beautiful girl November 2010

Lose 50 pounds May 2011-2012

Move To Vegas 2012

Rich Rotan