Nick Zambruno

When I first decided to move to Scottsdale I was nervous. I was about to leave my home and my comfort zone to a place that was completely foreign to me. Granted Scottsdale is arguably one of the most beautiful, clean and safe places to live in, it was still a big change. Change can be stressful and hard to manage.  CrossFit Scottsdale would become my home away from home and a place that would become very near and dear to my heart.  It not only helped me get through this stressful period in my life, but also allowed me to establish friendships with some amazing people.

I remember the day that I decided to move to Scottsdale I began my search for a CrossFit gym in the area. No doubt because of Najla’s brilliance in marketing, CrossFit Scottsdale was at the top of the list. After watching several of the videos, I felt that CrossFit Scottsdale was the place for me and I didn’t even look at any other CrossFit gyms. Soon after, I called and scheduled my baseline with some guy named Luke Kayyem.

My baseline with Luke was an eye-opener.  We actually competed against each other during my baseline. I had been training CrossFit for a while and thought, “There is no way this guy is going to beat me.”  As I recall, Luke gave me a good old fashion “ass-kicking.” All I remember is him doing these crazy pull-ups called” butterfly pull-ups” as I sat there trying to catch my breath. I signed up right away.

I soon learned about the CrossFit Games, and how everyone at the gym was competing in the Open to earn a spot at the Southwest Regional competition.  I became amazed with this new sport and promised myself that I would train as hard as I could in order to compete the following year in the Open and possibly Regionals.

This past year has been filled with twists and turns, but one thing has remained constant, the amazing friends and support that CrossFit Scottsdale has given me. I could go on to name all of you at CrossFit Scottsdale who have made an impact on my life but the list would be too long and I would not want to forget anyone. To give credit and thanks to the coaches and programming at CrossFit Scottsdale, I would like to share with you some of my improvements… Before CFS: 4:30 Fran time, 285 max back squat, 155 max strict press, 225 max front squat, and 3:30 Grace time. After one year at CrossFit Scottsdale, as you can see I improved tremendously: 2:30 Fran time, 375 max back squat, 190 max strict press, 320 max front squat, and 1:38 Grace time.

It’s amazing how fast time passes. It is now a year later and the CrossFit Games season is among us.  I’m happy and proud that I am going to be representing CrossFit Scottsdale this weekend at the Southwest Regional competition in Denver, Colorado.  I couldn’t have done it without everyone at CrossFit Scottsdale. All of you mean the world to me and I will always cherish my time with you.  Thanks again for all that you have given me.

~Nick Zambruno