Motivation in Motion

With CrossFit Regionals behind us it is like a start of a new calendar year and it is time to get “back to basics”. Everyone including our high level competitors and brand new students need to learn, or re-learn, all the foundational movements. The presses (press, push press, jerk), the squats (air, front, overhead) and the lifts (dead, sumo, med ball clean) will all be reviewed and perfected this week at CrossFit Scottsdale. We will focus on the technique of each specific movement as we work our way into strength and a workout. Set your motivation in motion at CrossFit Scottsdale as we head back to the basics. 

Air Squat
Warm Up
10 Air Squats + 100m Row
x5 rounds

7 Strict Pull Ups + Bodyweight Bench Press
x3 rounds

Workout of the Day
21 Air Squats
21 Games Push Ups
400m Run
15 Air Squats
15 Games Push Ups
400m Run
9 Air Squats
9 Games Push Ups
400m Run

Stretch to Win Post-WOD Mobility