NEW! Flexibility Program

As we head back to the basics this week at CrossFit Scottsdale we also want to stress the importance of stretching and maintaing mobility. Check out our Flexibility Program and free pre-workout stretching brand new only at CrossFit Scottsdale.

Moving Beyond Muscle at CrossFit Scottsdale

Pre-Workout Stretching and New Flexibility Program at CrossFit Scottsdale

Tight hips?  Stiff low back?  Limited shoulder range of motion?  Not to worry CrossFit Scottsdale is now offering free pre-workout stretching in 15-minute time slots on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 3:30pm.

Fascial Stretch TherapyÔ (FST for short) is assisted table-based stretching that will quickly improve your workouts, eliminate soreness/speed recovery, and transform your flexibility.

FST is being offered by Kevin J. Kula, who has recently joined the CrossFit Scottsdale team.  He will be the in-house resource for flexibility/mobility – helping answer questions about chronic muscular problems as well as helping you figure out what specific stretches your body needs.

Kevin in his CrossFit Journal article, “Moving Beyond Muscle”, pointed out the limitations of muscle-based therapies for chronic problems. Instead he argues that for chronic problems CrossFitters need fascially-based therapies like SI (Structural Integration) and FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy).  The article explains how these two therapies are radically different from massage, Active Release, or traditional physical therapy, and how they support CrossFit.

Here is an excerpt: “The poor flexibility and orthopedic imbalances many CrossFitters display aren’t a result of CrossFit—as some contend—but from poor work posture and old injuries.  The events of your life have shaped your body over time and determine how your body feels and functions.  These compensations (stiffness and inflexibility) often seem normal and unavoidable. Pain is merely the symptom of these imbalances.”

“Fascia (connective tissue) is the most prevalent tissue in the body – Yet it is the least understood by your doctor, therapist and trainer.”

“Only a therapy that addresses your body’s Fascia, ensures long-term physical freedom.  Inflexibility, pain and limited performance are symptoms of poor skeletal alignment.  By working with the connective tissue, the health and function of your whole body is addressed, not just the muscles, bones or joints.”  The key to traveling back in time to a younger body is healthier fascia.

Wondering if SI or FST might be right for you?  Here is what some of Kevin’s clients had to say about their experience with SI:

“After herniating a disc in my low back 2 years ago and doing extensive PT with only some improvement, I decided to go to Kevin in an attempt to get back to sports full time.  After Kevin’s 6-week program I am now playing competitive tennis and just did a triathlon.” – Chuck

“My body wasn’t moving properly, my core wasn’t engaging, I was favoring one leg over the other, I wanted a stronger foundation. Every time I engage in movement now my knees don’t grind and my whole body is engaged.” – Mike

“I am 39 and I have had chiropractic work and massage in the past, but after SI, I am now more flexible, stronger and faster than I have been in my whole life.” – Kenny


Kevin’s previous experience as a CrossFit coach led him to pursue these therapies, which he now exclusively offers.  Working with Kevin will greatly enhance your long-term success with CrossFit – take advantage NOW!

Time-slots are on a first-come first-serve basis  – sign-up sheet is in the gym. 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday





Kevin will also be in-house Mon, Wed, Fri from 10-3pm for full sessions and will be offering SI (a six-week program) for those interested in more extensive work.

Kevin can be reached directly at 602-688-2528 –