Athlete(s) of the Month

Congratulations to all of you the students of CrossFit Scottsdale on becoming our May 2012 Athlete(s) of the month. After looking at all the events, seminars, challenges, runs, races, competitions and graduations you have all earned this amazing honor.

May 1-8 our CrossFit Games affiliate team came back from 8 spots behind to make it to the 3rd and final day and workout to finish in 11th place overall out of 30 teams in the Southwest Region (over 5 states). Jen D had one of the most inspirational performances in team history and goes down as a legend in my books. Our only individual competitor Nick “Neo” Zambruno finished in 11th place in the hardest individual mens region in the world.


David Nguyen completed the OC marathon and finished in 4:24 the next day he does yoga and is back to class on Monday.

May 8-15 CrossFit Scottsdale Teen, Ethan Dougherty receives the Tesseract Tigers middle school Athlete of the year award while breaking the schools 1 mile run record.

May 15-22 My son Kanon and his best friend Garrett each complete their rookie year in t-ball, graduate from Kindergarten and start Lacrosse while training with other CrossFit Kids weekly throughout the school year.

Students Don, Anthony, Reem and Tina all make life changing decisions to become healthier and all set Personal Records in the clean, jerk and snatch.


The rope climb club got 15 students longer… and the lifelong fear was lifted for several students.

May 25-27 The Grand Finale of this amazing month has been the last 4 days starting with the Level I (white band) test where all 15 athletes successfully passed including Angelica and Tony with 100%. This being the 2nd entire group to successfully pass, we will be raising the standard of the test. The new box jump height will be 20″ for women and 24″ for men.

Friday night was the Olympic lifting seminar a 3 hour event that I stand by saying “P.R your snatch, clean & jerk or your money back” All 10 OLY lifters set Personal Records and having this event for the first time on a Friday night was a ton of fun. “Raise your hand if you set a personal record”

Saturday the weather could not have been more perfect for an outdoor workout and Team Leona was more than happy to show us Pinnacle Peak and cut up some oranges for us.

Back at CrossFit Scottsdale the gym was being used as the host facility of the H.Q Level I coaching certification. As the premiere “box” in Arizona your gym is the training facility to teach over 60 athletes from all over the world how to teach the CrossFit method safely and effectively. Our very own Klubo, Drew and crowd favorite Jay all attended the cert and world renowned coaches Katie Hogan, Josh Everett and very first CrossFit Kid Connor Martin all led this amazing educational experience. We will be hosting another certification August 26-27.


One more final event on Memorial Day Monday that makes this “Fitness Institute” so unique. A special “Hero” workout named “COE” and all of you coming to participate. On all national holidays especially for our Veterans classes are FREE for all students, family, fire, law enforcement and military we invite you down to train with us and we thank you for all of your service. We will have classes at 8am, noon and 5pm. A special thank you to all of the men and women still fighting for our freedom, those we have lost and those that will defend our country.

Coach Luke Kayyem