What’s the workout?

What’s the workout? What are we doing? I need to know so I know what shoes to bring. Are we running? Do I need my jump rope? These are a few of the text messages I receive daily if the workout is not posted by 8am and for that reason alone I should stop writing our workouts online for the Internet to see. We should be prepared for anything, anytime, anywhere in a real life situation we wont have time to chalk up or put on our INOV8s so why should we train like we know whats coming? This week we wont show you or the world for that matter until the day after we complete our training sessions. Come to class, be on time, where a functional shoe and be ready to do anything. Track your progress using your success journal.

Kayyem Fitness is built around some of the most challenging programs in the world. CrossFit, SealFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Endurance, Sparring and level testing. Our program is constantly evolving and changing as we change and evolve. What was once thought as impossible is now being done regularly. Every week we are seeing new records broken and new limitations lifted. We continue to push the envelope, raise the bar, set and crush new goals. This current class we have has set an unprecedented new level of fitness never before seen at CrossFit Scottsdale. We had 100% passing rate at the level I test last week and every single athlete in the Paleo fitness challenge lost weight, body fat and got stronger at a 1 rep max squat and faster at the 1000 meter row. Intensity = Results and our fitness program is no stranger to extreme workouts. So what is the secret sauce? I’ts not the what it’s the how we do it that makes us unique.

We WARM UP well and only after mobility and foam rolling. We practice a SKILL and work the fundamentals of the movement until it becomes efficient. Then we get STRONG by push, pull, squat, press and/or LIFT off the ground by Snatch or Clean & Jerk. Then we finish with a WORK session that combines the elements and tests your fitness by either timed, measured or scored workouts lasting 2-40 minutes long. Consistency is key and only after showing perfect form and technique do we allow the athlete to move up in weight. Follow this protocol 2-3 times per week eat whole foods, drink water, get 8+ hours of sleep a night and drink your fish oil and your destine for greatness. Miss a workout, eat at Taco Bell and go out for drinks more than you did in college and your probably not going to get the results your looking for. So take a look at your week. Plan your meals, schedule your classes, practice your mobility, work your weakness and train like you got nothing to lose but body fat and bad habits and more important than anything be positive about your life, your vision and your dreams they will all come true as long as you maintain a positive outlook and never ever give up.


In good health
Coach Luke Kayyem