Got Motivation?

Got Motivation?

By: Coach Ashley

What is keeping you motivated? How will you continue to show up, and not quit at CrossFit Scottsdale without it? Here are some tips to keep you or get you going with motivation!

Motivation is a term that refers to a process that elicits, controls, and sustains certain behaviors. Motivation is a group of phenomena which affect the nature of an individual’s behavior, the strength of the behavior, and the persistence of the behavior.

Yes, I know, it seems impossible at times. You don’t feel like doing anything. I’ve been there, and in fact I still feel that way from time to time. You’re not alone. But I’ve learned a few ways to break out of a slump, and I wanted to share them with you:

  1. Find inspiration. Inspiration, for me, comes from others who have achieved what I want to achieve, or who are currently doing it. Who inspires you? Your children? Are you inspired to run a marathon? Lift your body weight? Find what inspires you, and write it down!
  2. Post your goal. Print out your goal in big words. Make your goal just a few words long, for example (“WOD three times a week”), and post it up on your wall or refrigerator. Post it at home and work. Put it on your computer desktop. You want to have big reminders about your goal, to keep your focus and keep your excitement going. A picture of your goal (like a model with sexy abs, for example) also helps.
  3. Commit publicly. None of us likes to look bad in front of others. We will go the extra mile to do something we’ve said publicly. Facebook is a great tool to use to announce your goals, so let the world know what your doing to help you with your motivation and accountability
  4. Think about it daily. If you think about your goal every day, it is much more likely to become true. To this end, posting the goal on your wall or computer desktop (as mentioned above) helps a lot. Sending yourself daily reminders also helps. I know for me, I sent calendar reminders for my WODs, I feel working out is just as important as any other meeting, so why not put it in your calendar?
  5. Get support. It’s hard to accomplish something alone. Find your support network, either in the real world or online, or both. Use the CrossFit Scottsdale facebook page, or website to help you meet with others, or invite your own friends and family into the gym.
  6. Stick with it. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Even if you aren’t feeling any motivation today, or this week, don’t give up. Again, that motivation will come back. Think of your goal as a long journey, and your slump is just a little bump in the road. You can’t give up with every little bump. Stay with it for the long term, ride out the ebbs and surf on the flows, and you’ll get there.
  1. Read about it daily. When I lose motivation, I just read a book or blog about my goal. The CrossFit Scottsdale website is a great tool for you to have access to all the materials you need; recipes, workouts, and other great facts about living a great and healthy lifestyle.