Food As Fuel Seminar April 12!



Overcome everything at Crossfit Scottsdale


Next Thursday, April 12 at 7:30pm, CrossFit Scottsdale will host a FREE seminar to our students teaching the fundamentals of nutrition and a healthy diet.

Bring your Success Journal to the class and we will create goals, document strategies, and learn the basics of both the Paleo and The Zone diet plans.



Our nutrition consultants will teach the importance of drinking the right beverages, getting enough sleep and taking the correct supplements to enhance your new healthy lifestyle as part of the CrossFit Scottsdale community.





CrossFit Scottsdale will help you pinpoint your individual strategy for success by scheduling grocery store tours, Body Metrix body fat scans, and individual nutrition consultations.  In addition, we will sample healthy snacks and share recipes!

Food can be fun! Good food is our friend, it will make us stronger, faster, leaner and look better naked!