CrossFit Scottsdale Level II Test (Orange Band)

At CrossFit Scottsdale, we believe in setting and achieving goals. This is very different from many other fitness routines that are available. We created the Level Test in 2008 and since it’s inception have raised the bar, increased the work capacity and raised the passing percentage. This program has evolved and so has our fitness which in exchange always keeps us working and never allows us to plateau. The level II test has a 50% pass rate and it substantially more difficult than its younger sister level I (White band). Tonight we watched 6 men ranging in ages from 16 years old to 45 come out and give this test a run…. literally starting with a 2 mile run and 50x pullups in under 20 minutes. Part II is by far the most challenging with 10x clean & jerks @ body weight + 10x overhead squats @ 3/4 bodyweight in under 10 minutes. As an example I would need to clean & jerk #190 and oh squat #135 10x times each. This is the first real test of Olymic lifting we give our athletes in a competition type setting. Most of them will get the itch if they don’t have it already to work the Olympic lifts into a weekly program and attend some of the advanced classes including Level II and “Games” classes. Part III is attainable only if the athlete has a handle on mental capacity and understands threshold. Taking 50x burpees on in under 4 minutes can be a brutal reminder to an already challenging hour of work. Tonight we witnessed 3 out of 6 athletes successfully pass the Level II Test. Mike C missed by a few reps in February and swore to be one of the best we have ever seen working on his weakness over the past 60 days. Tom C is our first master ever to complete and compete at RX weights and our Athlete of the Month Austin Groen at 16 years old is pushing the limits of anyone we have ever seen play the “Sport of Fitness”. Congratulations gentlemen you have exceeded the work output I ever imagined 4 years ago and because of you we will be continuing to add weights and reps to our Athletic Development Test at CrossFit Scottsdale Powered by: Kayyem Fitness. Ladies I expect several emails over the next few weeks to prepare for the next Level II test in June!

In good health…
Coach Luke Kayyem