Body RX Challenge – March 2012 RESULTS of SUCCESS


Way to go Challengers!! You have lost a total of 187 pounds in 28 days!!

The WOD was a one-rep max back squat and a timed 1,000 meter row on March 3rd. We worked out hard for four weeks, and did the same WOD on March 31st. EVERYONE increased their one-rep max back squat weight and lowered their 1,000 meter row time!

Our Paleo diet was a huge success. What we found is that it wasn’t even that hard to change a few things in our lifestyle. We gave up dairy, we gave up grains. We added healthy fat to our diet and ate good protein.

Week one we made it a habit to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water every day. Week two we committed to taking fish oil each day. Week three was a big deal for most of us, we gave up fruit and honey for those 7 days and everyone saw tremendous drop in weight and body fat during that week. Our final week was a commitment to getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night. And, with the exception of young mothers and those of you that are working lots of hours in March, we did it!

What were the results of just 28 days in the “cave”? Stronger, faster, leaner and successful!

Congrats to our Winners:
1st Place Men: Dany Hakimeh

March 3, 2012:

March 31, 2012


1st Place Ladies: Judy Leinweber

March 3, 2012:


March 31, 2012:


2nd Place Men: Anthony Spencer

2nd Place Women: Amber Weberpal

3rd Place Men: Mark Disalvo

3rd Place Women: Tamra Reddy

You guys rocked this!