Learn it, Live it, Love it… KAYYEM FITNESS

If a picture says a 1000 words then this photo is telling a 1000 stories. This is our class photo for the 2012 CrossFit Scottsdale School of Fitness conclusion to spirit week. This year we decided to take the class to AZ Airtime with wall to wall trampolines we jumped, flipped and laughed on a rainy day in North Scottsdale. Thank you for coming together for our 3rd annual community event filled with paleo snacks and raffle prizes including 2x FREE months of training and 3x half an hour private lessons with Coach Luke won by Mark DiSalvo. Then a few students were highlighted for some amazing weight loss goals. Dany, Hakim, Heather Rotan and Matt Curtis have lost a combined 70# in 6 months and were greeted with applause from everyone. Although this event was for all of us the CrossFit Scottsdale Kids and “Future of Fitness” were what this day was truly about. Thank you to all of the Moms and Dads who came out to have some quality family, fitness and fun. Thank you to our amazing Coaching Team and Teachers Ashley, Chris, Dawn, Erin, Hallie, Jeff, Jenn, Mel & Tyler you are the voice of this lifestyle and your giving so many people the tools to live it. Most importantly thank YOU the student, athlete and reader of this blog. Lets continue a tradition of excellence and become the healthiest, educated fitness enthusiast on the planet.

Learn it , Live it, Love it