CrossFit Scottsdale Connections: Networking YOUR way!

One smart business owner can do a lot to make a business successful.  But, put that together with other great business minds all sharing ideas and brainstorming … now you have … Networking Dynamics!

Brainstorming and networking with other creative people is a powerful tool to create Success in your business.  You can’t just go it alone in this competitive marketplace.  You need the help and knowledge of other successful people to stay on top.  Networking is not an option to becoming successful … it is a Necessity!  What are you doing to stay on top of your business?

CrossFit Scottsdale Connections is a great way to network and build new business relationships! Richard Shields will be hosting this month’s meeting and it will be held next Tuesday, March 20th at Noon at his office located at: 8283 North Hayden Road, Ste. 249, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

Lunch will be provided! 

This networking event is FREE for all students, so come network, come meet your peers that share the same passion for CrossFit as you do, and let’s build our businesses together! What are you waiting for?? Come Try CrossFit Scottsdale Connections, and make those extra connections for your business!