Athlete Of The Month, Kokoro 21 Camp at SealFit and Today’s Workout.

What did you do last weekend? Dinner, dancing or a movie? What about the other 48 hours? Did you sleep? Did you exercise? Could you write down every detail from 12pm on Friday to 2pm Sunday? Ask Drew and Logan what they did and they will probably just laugh. “It’s so hard to try and explain what we went through, I wouldn’t even know where to start, it feels like a dream” Logan said today after spending two days in bed sleeping to try and make up for the weekends survival course at SealFit Headquarters in Encinitas, California.

I watched both of these guys plus another 10 men and one tough lady work relentlessly through the cold ocean waters, to the high mountain peaks of San Diego county for 50 straight hours with no sleep, cold, hungry and tired. The purpose was to test the heart and visualize success in the darkest, deepest places on earth. “Survival of the fittest”.

The next time you complain about a 30 min workout think about these boys both 20 and 23 years old that accomplished something that most people spend an entire lifetime looking for. Neither athlete was 100% going into the camp and injury was the only doubt I had watching them walk, run, crawl and push through the streets and beaches of SO. CAL. Each evolution was a test of mental strength and fortitude. “The body is capable of twenty times more than we could ever imagine” says Founder and former Navy Seal honor man and member of Seal Team 3. Please join me this month in honoring both young men and the entire camp at KOKORO 21. I couldn’t be more proud of my students, Jedis, friends and brothers Drew Nottenkamper and Logan Smith.

Today’s workout is called “Jedi Knight” 30 min A.M.R.A.P as many rounds as possible partner W.O.D workout of the day.
Teammate #1 400x run
Teammate #2 10x push ups (hand release) 10x deadlifts 10x backsquats (from the deck)
If #2 does not finish a round then both #1 and #2 must do 5x burpees together before they start the round.

Check out this video of our SealFit team training wet and dirty every Friday from 5am-7am.