The Body Rx Nutrition Challenge at CrossFit Scottsdale

The Body Rx Challenge is your prescription to challenge you towards optimal health.  It is a time to focus on optimal food, sleep, hydration, fitness, nutrition and how YOU can affect change in how you LOOK, FEEL, & PERFORM through the choices you make. Twice a year CrossFit Scottsdale offers this challenge so that you can have the support, accountability, and coaching to help you truly make lifestyle changes. Take advantage of this opportunity now! Sign up at the gym or email

Are you ready to have this kind of transformation in just 35 days???

Here is how the challenge will work:

The challenge will last 35 days and will consist of 3 appointments that will include a body fat scan, measurements and pictures (only the first and last appointment).  These appointments will need to be scheduled with Coach Tiffany Mon-Fri February 27th-2nd.  The challenge will start for you the day after your first scan.  For example if your scan is on Monday February 27th your 35 day challenge starts Tuesday February 28th..  The workout part of the challenge will be on March 3rdat the regularly scheduled 9am and 10am Saturday classes.

The goal of the challenge is to focus on the daily habits that will optimize your health particularly what you eat.  For the challenge you will eat whole natural foods found in the Paleo Diet, meat/fish/poultry/animal protein, vegetables & fruit, & nuts/seeds/oils.  Grains including wheat, corn, rice, barley, quinoa, & oats are NOT allowed.  Dairy including yogurt, cheese & milk is NOT allowed.  Legumes including soy, peanuts, & beans are NOT allowed.  Alcohol and sugar are NOT allowed.

One point will be collected each day for eating clean and Paleo style. Your shopping list in your success journal is your guide to what will cost you a point. If it’s not in there it will cost you a point.

Scoring for the challenge will consist of percentage improvement in body composition, increased weight in the workout, decreased time in the workout and the amount of points you have at the end of the challenge.

Weekly challenges: Each week there will be a specific challenge to follow, anything from water, sleep to mobility.  If you complete the weekly challenge you will receive one bonus point.

You will be connected to your fellow challengers through a discussion forum where you will share recipes, tips, restaurants, challenges, successes and your daily food log so that everyone can benefit from many ideas and you will always be supported.  You will receive an invite to the forum once you have enrolled in the challenge.

Prizes are given away  for the top male and female and will be in the form of CASH!  Second and third place winners will also receive prizes and we are putting together some awesome packages for that.  Not to be forgotten is the prize that EVERYONE gets…better health, better performance, & looking better naked!

Getting started on the challenge: To sign up for The Body Rx Challenge you must book your initial body fat scan appointment with a Coach Tiffany and pay the $99 enrollment fee. (This gives you 3 body composition scans and 2 free classes)

**Open to friends, family and the public to enroll**

Each nutrition challenge we do a CrossFit Scottsdale we see AMAZING results!

Who wants results this time?