Mobility Clinic Tuesday 2/28 @ 7:30pm

What do the snatch, clean and jerk, kipping pull-up, kettlebell swing, and burpee all have in common?  The answer is shoulder mobility.  You need to be easily able to get your arms overhead and into that ideal position if you want to take your CrossFit to the next level.  But how?  Learn how to mobilize your shoulders and all the supporting anatomy – it just takes 15 minutes per day.

The Mobility Clinic is open to all fitness levels, from Newbie to Gamer.  Who would benefit from this 1 hour seminar?  Anyone who wants to add 10 pounds to their PR right now.  Anyone who can’t get their head “through the window”.  Anyone who has overly achy shoulders after the WOD.  The person who has a bodyweight shoulder press and squats like a beast, but can’t pass the Level 2 test because of the overhead squat.  See you there!