JEDI “Forging Mental Toughness”

We take pride in our pre military program at CrossFit Scottsdale. As one of the only approved SealFit training centers in the world and as one of the only non Seal coaches I have had  tremendous success  using the SealFit method. Anyone wanting to push themselves and willing to go the distance will see a life changing experience after completing this course. Pictured above are far left Allen Mikel currently in PJ school and graduate of SealFit at CrossFit Scottsdale class of 2011. Keith Robinson current student and graduate from class 2011 and KOKORO 20. Middle man and first time attendee 16 year old Matt who has joined the program to close the gap on long matches in his tennis career. Logan and Drew will both be spending this weekend at KOKORO 24 at SealFit world headquarters grinding through the grueling 50 hour course through the beaches of Encinitas, California. Far right Jay Middagh Pilot in the U.S Air Force and graduate of HELL WEEK 3 is a regular in our weekly 2 hour SealFit classes every Friday from 0500-0700.

Come join our entire community and be our guest on this Presidents Day celebration at CrossFit Scottsdale. Classes are FREE and open to all levels at 8am, 12pm and 5pm.

The Jedi are trained to use the force through rejection of passions and commitment to justice, as opposed to the ideals of the aggressive.

Workout of the Day
100 burpees
1 mile run
50 burpees
800 run
25 burpees
400 run