‘Friday Night Lights’ Presented by CrossFit Scottsdale Heat Assignaments

Over 100 athletes from around Arizona and California will converge on CrossFit Scottsdale tomorrow at 5pm to do the Reebok CrossFit Games 2012 12.1 Open WOD. Welcome to week 1 of the 2012 CrossFit Games competition season.

Here are a few things to note:

Athlete Check-In starts at 4:15pm and closes at 5:15pm. If you are not a student at CrossFit Scottsdale, you will be required to fill out a waiver so please allow some extra time to check in.

The movement and standard review will start at 5pm. We have added a CrossFit Kids heat for ages 3-12, the first RX heat will begin immediately after the kids. Please review the workout, movement and standards prior to your arrival.

There will be an area designated for warm-up and a volunteer helping to get heats ready but please note your heat time and be ready! Also know that things may change so be sure to keep updated and listen for any announcements. There will be a Medic, Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist on site to assist in any needs that would require them.

If you are a Gamer (RX) or a Masters competitor and want to move on to Regionals, you MUST REGISTER on the Games Website. Signing up at for just Friday Night Lights ensures that you will have a place to compete. However, you need to register with CrossFit HQ at http://games.crossfit.com to let them know who you are! Otherwise, you could be the best in AZ, NV, NM, CO, and UT, but not have a spot in Regionals!

Prizes for male and female First, Second and Third place winners  will be given in each division.


First Name          Last Name           Gender                 Event     Heat

Atiim “Mo”          Agustus                Male                      RX          1

Matt                     Blanton                 Male                      RX           1

Jeff                       Brennan                Male                      RX          1

Luke                      Kayyem                Male                      RX          1

Ron                       McClendon          Male                      RX          1

Juan                      Medrano             Male                      RX          1

Carl                       Perrone                Male                      RX          1

Sam                      Shapiro                Male                       RX          1

Chris                     Tommaello         Male                       RX          1

Nick                      Wakin                   Male                      RX          1

Aimee                   Berencsi               Female                  RX          2

Hallie                    Flood                    Female                 RX          2

Rebecca               Geiss                     Female                  RX          2

Deana                  Gillespey              Female                  RX          2

Amanda               Gornet                 Female                   RX          2

Jill                          Guritza                 Female                 RX          2

Jodi                       Hawkins               Female                 RX          2

Trea                      Johnston              Female                  RX          2

Erin                       Wellendorf          Female                  RX          2

Austin                   Groen                   Male                      Scaled   3

Kris                        Hard                     Male                     Scaled   3

Kristen                  Horton                 Male                     Scaled   3

Brad                      Jacks                     Male                     Scaled   3

Kory                      Leadon                 Male                      Scaled   3

Robert                  McQuoid             Male                       Scaled   3

Chuck                   Newman              Male                      Scaled   3

Stuart                   Selden                  Male                      Scaled   3

Jeffrey                  Strehlow              Male                      Scaled  3

Sarah                    Anderson             Female                 Scaled   4

Stefannie             DeLaMora           Female                  Scaled   4

Mary                     Holt                      Female                  Scaled   4

Michelle               McCunn               Female                 Scaled   4

Michele                Nelson                 Female                  Scaled   4

Janine                   Pereira                 Female                 Scaled   4

Heather               Rotan                   Female                  Scaled   4

Virginia                Sanchez               Female                 Scaled   4

Dawn                    Corbin                  Female                 Masters 5

Bev                       Lackey                  Female                  Masters 5

Leona                   Weinstein            Female                  Masters 5

Robert                  Hisle                     Male                      Masters  5

John                      Holt                      Male                      Masters  5

Frank                    Moskowitz          Male                       Masters  5

Jeff                      Rrichards              Male                       Masters  5

Jeff                       Zuhl                       Male                      Masters   5

Michael                Atwell                   Male                      RX          6

Dairus                   Barnes                  Male                      RX         6

Justin                    Baumgartner      Male                      RX          6

Bob                       Brown                  Male                       RX          6

Anthony               Campo                 Male                       RX         6

Steve                    Cederstrom         Male                       RX          6

Christopher         Garman                Male                      RX         6

Mike                     Gillis                      Male                     RX          6

Donald                 Hawkins               Male                     RX          6

Chris                     ??                          Male                      RX          6

Jake                      Holmberg            Male                      RX          7

Branden               Husky                   Male                      RX          7

Joel                       Johnson               Male                      RX          7

Jonathan             Leopard               Male                       RX         7

Marc                     Lutz                       Male                      RX          7

Mike                     McLinn                 Male                      RX          7

Robert                  Miller                    Male                      RX          7

Zach                      Olish                     Male                      RX          7

Jeff                       Rifkin                    Male                      RX          7

Nate                     Ouzts                    Male                       RX         7

Andrew                Cifelli                    Male                     RX          8

Neal                      Griffin                   Male                     RX          8

Austin                   Schneider            Male                     RX          8

Kenneth               Taylor                   Male                     RX          8

Vu                         Truong                 Male                      RX          8

Josh                      Wagner                Male                      RX          8

Nathan                 Weamer              Male                       RX          8

Dustin                   Wilhite                 Male                     RX         8

Jeremy                 Zeiders                 Male                      RX          8

Lindsey                 Cochran               Female                 RX         9

Jenn                      Donovan              Female                 RX          9

Melissa                Einbinder             Female                 RX          9

Klubo                    Flingai                  Female                 RX          9

Tatum                  Jestila                   Female                 RX          9

Rachelle               Jones                    Female                 RX          9

Katie                     Peterson              Female                 RX          9

Samantha            Silverman            Female                 RX          9

Jennifer                Walker                 Female                 RX          9

Chris                     Cannon                Male                     RX          10

Mike                     Caplice                 Male                     RX          10

Jarred                   Martinec              Male                     RX          10

Ryann                   Roberts                Male                     RX         10

Alfred                   Rohde                  Male                     RX          10

Josh                      Vella                     Male                     RX          10

Deric                     Andre                   Male                     Scaled   10

Anthony               Ausband               Male                     Scaled   10

Christopher         Cavanagh            Male                     Scaled   10

Chris                     Easter                   Male                     Scaled   10

Luie                       Barragan             Male                      RX          11

Peter                    Egyed                    Male                      RX          11

Christopher         Gartrell                Male                      RX          11

Troy                      Osborne               Male                      RX          11

Dan                       Sidebottom         Male                      RX          11

Ted                       Sweeney              Male                       RX          11

Gavin                    Trella                    Male                     RX          11

Will                       Trujillo                  Male                    RX          11

Nick                      Zambruno            Male                     RX          11