‘Change’- Verb: To cause to be different, transform

In 2001 I started my campaign for change: My very first personal training motto was “Change your mind, change your body, change your life”. The purpose was for everyone I touched to understand what they were doing in life was not working and what they needed was something different. I was the difference, they were the transformation, and this was the change. Eleven years later we have built a community out of a corner office in a hair salon into one of the worlds fittest “boxes” and we continue to evolve. In 2012 we have completed the expansion from 700 to 2,200 to 5,000 sq/ft. We hired a General Manager who’s main responsibility is to make the box run efficiently and effectively to give you the greatest experience possible.  And finally we have now released 3.0 our third version of this amazing exercise and fitness encyclopedia designed to educate you and keep you up-to-date on everything from nutrition, recipes, workouts, and current events.

Additionally, Kayyem Fitness recently acquired a global website and lifestyle brand that showcases the worlds SICist (SIC meaning cool or sweet) athletes. Training, competing and performing various skills, movements and sports with 80% focused on CrossFit and the other 20% on alternative sports. Think X Games/Olympic Lifting/Surfing/Sky Diving. “Wear it while your training and share it later”. With over 2 million viewers a year visiting the site CrossFit Scottsdale will become the skate park to our Fantasy Factory. The content provided, information shared, athletes training at CrossFit Scottsdale will showcase the “Super Box”, staff, and students that cultivate what SICFIT is….. A lifestyle.

This weekend my family and I are headed to San Francisco to visit my great friend Chris LaLanne of LaLanne fitness at his massive “Death by Barbell” competition. Then a week in England at the SICFIT LONDON throwdown where Coach Mel, myself,  Nick and Crystal Renyolds from CrosFit Central will be the only Americans competing in the countries largest CrossFit championships outside of regionals. We will return back to CrossFit Scottsdale for “Friday Night Lights” on February 24th where I hope to see 99% of our students competing and some for the very 1st time. A few hours later I’m on a red eye to Encinitas at SealFit headquarters for “KOKORO 21″ where JEDI’s Logan and Drew will be fighting for 50+ straight hours through the cold California coast in the dead of winter to test themselves against physical and mental limitations. All of these events will be viewable in real time through with Najla and myself shooting, directing, and producing the content so that we can showcase CrossFit to the world.

Your fearless leaders Dawn, Tiffany, Jen, Hallie, Erin, Don, Ashley, Mel, Jeff, Sensei, Chris, Danielle and Nick will be continuing to deliver world class fitness and a tradition of hard work and excellence. We are also developing the new instructor trainers Chris Canon, Danielle Wesse, Amy Walsh, Dawn Corbin, and Logan Smith who will be recieving a scholarship spot at the Level I certification here in February. Stephanie Delamora, Josh Wagner, Mike McLinn, and Hakim Benmoussa will also be assisting classes and coaching. This 12 week program requires several hours of on-the-floor assisting before taking a written test before becoming a coach at CrossFit Scottsdale. With hopes of what we are developing to become a standard in the industry.

Student athletes Pam Foley won the intermediate catagory of the Women’s Only Fitness Challenge and got her 1st 20″ box jump that she has been working on after every class. Hannah Hayworth was the winner of the Paleo Challenge got her 1st kipping pull up and rope climb. The new fittest family Rich and Heather Rotan have changed everything about their lifestyle and have made family execise time fun sometimes taking turns watching and taking class with daughter Audrina. Mike Scheniman got upside down for the 1st time ever at the Level I test that he unknowingly walked into and always consistent Michael Fisher is down 30# since starting with us.

What else? What would you like to see? Send me your thoughts, ideas, and concepts. My vision of teaching CrossFit to the world is becoming a reality and it wouldnt be possible without you the student, athlete, and competitor. From everyone at CrossFit Scottsdale Powered by Kayyem Fitness we would like to thank you for becoming a part of our community and wish you all the success and prosperity in 2012.