What is the FMS and how can it help me CrossFit?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a 7-point movement-pattern test that is designed to determine 1) right-left assymmetries in the body, 2) deficiencies in basic, fundamental movement, and 3) assess risk of injury.  Are you at risk for a rotator cuff tear when you go overhead?  Do you know if you are at risk of an ACL injury?  Are you likely to twist your ankle when you run?

To help answer these and other questions, you need to do a FMS by a professional who is certified to do the screen.  At CrossFit Scottsdale we are fortunate enough to have Coach Don with us as one of a few people in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale areas who is certified in both CrossFit and the FMS!  After completing a FMS, corrective exercises can be assigned to balance out the body and help keep you safe.  You can find out more about the FMS at functionalmovement.com.

The cost of the FMS is $30 and corrective exercise sessions are $40 per 30 minute session or $75 for an hour session.  But as a benefit to CrossFit Scottsdale students, the first FMS is complimentary and each corrective exercise session is only $30 per 30 minutes.  To schedule your session, contact Coach Don at don@sicfitscottsdale.com or 602-741-8470.  Be safe!